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Sen Flow Chart To Support Staff


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Hi all,


I was just wondering if any of you have devised a flow-chart to support other staff members with the Special Education Process.


Any suggestions would greatly appreciated.



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HI Butterbalm

A warm welcome to the forum from me :1b

I am not quite sure what you mean by the special education 'process'.

We don't have a flow chart in our setting but all staff understand the Graduated Approach and the difference between Early Years Action and Early Years Action Plus.

When Children have an IEP the strategies (and reasoning behind them) are cascaded to all staff.

Sorry not to be much help but am sure some others will be along shortly

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Thank you for all your responses.

I did find one and wrote another when I found that it did not work for my purpose.

I sent it to my tutor and am awaiting an answer.

Thank you so much

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