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Are You Going To Deliver Eyfs?


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Hi all

Well just read thequick reference guide to the changes to the 2008 curriculum on the foundation years site and it states


"Wrap-around and holiday care: the framework now makes clear that the EYFS requirements do not need to be delivered in full when children spend limited amounts of time in a setting"


Whe i read the actual framework it says

Wrap around and holiday providers

1.3 Wrap around3 and holiday providers4 should be guided by, but do not necessarily need to meet, all the learning and development requirements. Practitioners should discuss with parents and/or carers (and other practitioners and providers as appropriate) the support they intend to offer, seeking to complement learning in settings in which children spend more time


I just wondered what other OOSC were going to do re this?


We currently have just scrapbooks for EYFS children, EYFS posters our policies have EYFS headings we follow welfare requirements of EYFS, have termly meets with EYFS teacher at school as we are on the Early Years register.


Does this mean that if we are no longer required to deliver EYFS that there will be no EY register for OOSC? Does this then mean registration will have to follow the childcare register only?


It will be different for us in that at the end of July we will no longer be registered as a childcare provider with OFSTED anyway as we will get taken on by the school. This is a totally unknown world for me and I am not sure what guidelines we have to follow for this? Anyone got any advice on where to look???



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