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I have an interview on Wednesday for a Reception Teacher Post I have been asked to plan a lesson for 15 reception children with a teaching assistant. The letter says that the children will be moving on to looking closely at similarties, differences, patterns and changes as part of PSED and KUW I could really do with some ideas to help me get started!


Thanks in advance

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Hi there I just read your post and have just been planning this in my head for Jubilee week so dont know if it will help.

Obj: To look closely at people and how people change over time somthing like this)


Im going to show ch a picture of the Queen and ask them who do you think this lady is....(talk partners) ask some key questions e.g what does what she is wearing tell us about her? what is he expession on her face telling us about how she feels? Once they have given ideas and discussed tell them its the Queen (maybe describee who she is what she does briefly- depending on level of children)


Then Im going to show them a range of photographs of her from when she was young upto now. is this the same person? discuss why it might not be because the pictures look different. why do they look different? how has she change? discuss and place pictures in order as a class On interactive white board or on carpet in a circle if there is no WB facilities. Allow the kids to have a picture each to talk about the pictures in pairs Is she old/ young? looking a clues like what she is wearing, if the pic is black/white etc.lots of ops for PSED and KUW


Hope this helps


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Ahhh!! its my interview today and I am so nervous, I have gone for a lesson plan similiar to what you described stax there is lots of opportunitiy for talk and discussion which i think is really important in reception, I practiced it with my foundation children at nursery so just hope it will work as well in schools. I thought i would also finish my session off with a crown making challenge just for a bit of lightness everything is precut for the children so 5mins should be long enough, i'll refer it to a mister maker challenge!

I hope this is enough, I think 20min stand alone sessions go so quick especially when you don't know the children

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