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New To Reception - Help!


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I've recently moved into reception and don't feel like I know what I'm doing at all. I was previously in Year 1/2 and using continuous provision but I still think I'm being to KS1.

I'm not sure how each day should run. Do I still spend an hour on literacy/numeracy? How long the children should spend with me/ choosing? I worry especially about Literacy. How long I should spend observing? How long do I use 1 text for?

I know these are really basic questions and I am going to visit another experienced teacher later this week but I wondered if anyone had any good advice or know any good books that would help me get to grips with things.



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Guest LornaW

Hi zarzina and welcome to the best age group in the world ( and the forum)!


I'm sure you will get lots of response to this request but here is mine!


First all 6 areas of learning have the same weighting in the EYFS and as far aas I am concerned literacy is covered in every subject as they all involve speaking and listening, sometimes writing and often reading! You will need to deliver a daily phonics session and I would always d some kind of writing every day but as cross curricular as possible.


You will need to have a split of teacher directed time as well as child initiated time and in child initiated time the adult role is to play alongside the children scaffolding the learning and I always refer to this role as the lead learner.


As for observation I heard Jan Dubiel at the Nursery World conference just recently and his take on observation was record that which you feel is significantly important, record that which you feel you may forget and record that which you will need to do in the future after learning about a child / children / the environment! Excellent advise I think.


As for how long do you spend on 1 text that will depend on the interest of the children and how engaged they are in it and you are the only person who will know this.

I would advise you to get intouch with your LA EYFS adviser and get some support and also read the posts on forums like this as well as good magazines such as Nursery World and Early Years Educator. Make sure you have the 2008 and the 2012 copies of the EYFS and read the cards development matters and look at some of the video material on the CDrom all good and supportive info.


Good luck and enjoy!



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