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Hello all,


I am a new member and am after some comments on my idea for a YR teacher interview on Tuesday. I am an EY trained experienced teacher but have been in KS1 for the last 5 years and am trying to get back to the FS Stage at this interesting time! I have to deliver a 30 minute writing-based activity to 15 mixed ability children at a reasonably challenging school and have had the following idea.


Share learning intention which will be one writing and one speaking & listening.

Pretend to be Goldilocks, have a picnic mat set out and a picnic basket. Intro myself as G, sing G went to house of bears to put in context and recap story. Read an invite I sent to bears to come to my picnic to say sorry for stealing their food. Tell children I dont know what I put in picnic baskets and need their help. Sort items in my basket into yes and no piles, yes things go onto picnic blanket and no into a bin (ha ha they love that). Not enough things, can they help me by making a list of their favourite foods that I could use?

Send to tables; HA-picnic basket proforma with lines and ask for a sentence with 3 things 'In my picnic I would put.......",

MA give a list proforma and ask them to write 3 items on list

LA have proforma foods to write on (bananas, apples, cakes) and get them to do 1-2 words on these.

All come back to carpet and share ideas then put them on blanket or in bin depending what they are (hopefully all food).

Then for AFL ask if they thought they had met learning intentions blah blah thumbs up or thumbs down, smiley face or sad one etc.


It is a bit different but I wanted to do writing for a purpose as I am going in cold to write with YR which is a bit tricky.


Any comments to make it better? Or alternative better ideas? Thanks in advance!

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Guest LornaW

glitterfairy it sounds wonderful to me I would love to be a child having you visit my class!


Only thought (and I am sure others will have better idea than me but the different) is the activities as you only have 30 minutes and you don't know the children how will you decide who is HA, MA and LA?



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If you have been asked for a writing activity, which sounds great and purposeful, why do you need a speaking and listening LO? What are they going to be learning?

Make sure you are not confusing the children or making it more difficult for yourself, or worse, your observer? They need to assess against the LO and you need to teach them something. In a good lesson all children will make progress.

Good Luck.

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just a little nit pick about the basket proforma (which I have been picked up about myself in the past) is that if you given them a sentence to finish ie. In my basket I would put.... then it is not helping them to write in a sentence as they cannot put a capital letter at the beginning. Better to give them a title and ask them to write a sentence themselves. Your activity sounds fab

good luck!


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