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I am planning an art week for our school in the Autumn term. Our theme is portraits, with a particular emphasis on developing printing. Any good ideas for possible projects?


Also, am trying to arrange some visitors to the school. Can anyone think of any sources other than secondary schools and art galleries?


If anyone has had an art week that has been successful I would be really interested to hear what you did.


Thanks :)

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There are some programmes about a whole school art week on teachers tv where the theme was 'portraits'. looked really good


We had a successful 'art exhibition' a company mounted framed, then displayed childrens work (very professionally) and we invited parents in, served wine, music played. It was really lovely, very grown up and the kids loved it. Parents could buy work but not take it away until next day.


I could find out company name but am sure its part of a franchise which operates nationally, They charged a couple of pounds then we added our bit but were still reasonably priced. I could find out ia bit more if you want. But I expect a locally company would do a similar thing for you.

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