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The feedback i receive from my recent post about keypersons next steps highlighted to me that our daily routine needs looking at- you guys are right if too much is planned it will restirct and reduce child iniated play. have a few questions


Can anyone share copy of their nursery (full daycare) routine?


Do you plan a whole group activity each day with learning intentions?

(as we re finding if we are playing with the children trying to cover next steps, having story and singing time how do we have enough time/staff for a focus activity (whole group)



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Hi there,

we are now in the process of reviewing our daily routine. Currently we have a 10/15 min welcome time where children choose there activities, then a circle time (split into smaller groups depending on numbers) where we talk about days of week, weather, counting children etc. After that we either all carry out a smal group activity at the same time, or we will carry out a focused activity targeting certain children during the session - not all children will therefore have an activity on that day. We have snack bar most days, although sometimes this will be done all together as a picnic. We tidy up at bout 11.30 and have a relax, story & song. Session ends at 12, and next session starts. Children go straight to lunch, free play in nursery as they finish. After lunch we all take a group of children for a small group game, then into child initiated. Tidy up time again half hour before end of session, then relax, story & song again. (Big ish added to all this! lol)

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