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We've received a written complaint regarding the behaviour of one of little boys, who may have underlying needs, towards a little girl, saying that she has been hit twice by the little boy. This is a new experience for me, I'm completing the PSLA template for recording complaints and don't know how to answer this question. This is I believe just for our records at the moment unless of course the parent decides to make a compliant to Ofsted. I know the child was hit on one occasion. In asking the question is there an actual or perceived risk to the child? Should I answer yes or no, what risk are they referring to? Yes the child is at risk of being hit or pushed, or do they mean in the safeguarding sense?


The next question is is there a concern that a child may be at risk of significant harm - to which I've said no, then is there a need to take immediate action in either case to protect the child?


AAny words of wisdom? Anyone else feel like their between a rock and hard place?

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I would of thought in the Safeguarding sense.

Is the child hitting known for hitting lots? or do they just seam to go for this one child?

A child being hit twice by another child is hardly a big issue. Unless the hitting child has a record for hitting in which case I would be aware of the need for my staff to be more vigilant when said child is playing, Observation on the possible cause......

My advice would be to write to the parents who have made the complaint and explain your policies regarding children with behavioural issues.......

Its quite a picky parent who complains about 2 separate incidents! as you are only aware of one were the incidents on the same day? over the same toy?..........

Many years ago i had a child who seamed to go for the same child, the child causing the problem had extreme communication issues and other issues which turned out to need a play worker, social services........ and constant one-one for the whole 2 years the child was with me.

I made sure parents were aware that I would not ask another child to leave my setting because i would not put the effort in to helping any child.

I have to say i did lose three children, but i am happy to say to this day the child who had the issues is doing very well at primary school, my team were fab and all children deserve the chance to thrive in any setting with support from staff.

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