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Showing Progress In Reception


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Hey folks,


New to Reception in September(next).

How do you show progress within the EYFS year? Do you take the transition info. you receive from pre-schools and log the levels they assessed them at against development matters as your starting point? But they might have achieved something there but regress with you. Or do you assess yourself in first few week against the ELGs?

Is it to your benefit to assess them as quite low in order to show progress and do you assess against every one of the 28 areas? Although i know it will be different with new EYFS.

How on earth to you observe 28 children in all areas of the 6 DM areas in first few weeks?


Going into a school in special measures and need to show that the children have made progress by Christmas. Yikes!



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well the answer to your question is very much up in the air with the new eyfs!! At the moment I assess through observations during the first 6 weeks and arrive at a judgement by half term of where they are using the transition document to help with that judgement both me and my TA are frantic with sticky notes recording everything and by Oct half term usually have enough evidence to make a judgement (we do tend to only focus on the the first 3 points of the profile though) I do for certain things set up little informal activities and call the children over if I havn't managed to observe them doing something eg counting/sorting. We continue in this way over the year and I update the profile every 6 weeks (and have to analyse it and produce graphs etc to show progress!!). Good progress according to my head has been 4 points progress or more over the year from their starting point. With the new eyfs it is designed to be a summative judgement at the end of the year and children will hopefully move from emerging to secure or exceeding. The points progress over the year will go out of the window so I imagine we will be showing progress over the year with our evidence through the usual ways photos, obs, works samples etc I always have as evidence in their learning journeys from the first week or so at school of how they write their name and any markmaking to show where they began.


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Tracking progress seems to be the elephant in the room in relation to the revised EYFS in September that no one seems to be discussing! I am delighted that all of the nonsense around how many points progress per term etc will no longer be possible but concerned as to what Ofsted and therefore head teachers will be expecting in terms of a measure of progress. Will teacher knowldege and professional judgement rule the day again - oh how good would that be! I know it has been suggested that we will use the DM statements but realistically children may make small steps that wont be reflected in the limited number of DM statements.

I was hoping that the Profile exemplification might include some guidance but that wont be appearing until the Autumn term and I am doubtful it will have all the answers. Presumabley Ofsted will have to revise their inspection guidance to make clearer what measures of progress will be acceptable. Head Teachers are already in a blind spin about not having eProfile graphs - it does need someone to comeout publically and give some advice -How about the Standards and Testing agency?

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