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question state why and how to include rest/sleep or quiet periods as part of a dailt routine

not sure having done alot of reasearch no wiser what is expected to pass this assignment dont start my placement until sept 05 any help would be appriciated thanks ann


i think one anser is to assess the child personality see what emotinal need are requred for 3 years upwards read books relating to problems they are experiencing such as berevement very close childrens related books that helps a child understand and grow through experience hope on right tracks thanks ann

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I thought you had to cover the full age range, 0-8, when you do Knowldege Evidence assignments. Could be wrong. In any case you'd be looking at things like developmental needs - sleep is one of Maslow's basic needs. I bet lots of the Reception teachers on the Forum could tell you about children who regularly fall asleep in school! Others may just need quiet activities e.g. after lunch.


I'd definitely bring in consultation with parents, because you'd need to know how they want sleep/rest managing & what the child's pattern is at home.


Hope that kickstarts something for you.

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