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Lots of questions today as I start my new job after the holidays and I contemplating things that will need doing for school taking on club by Sept!


Those of you under the school...


Do your policies follow some of the schools own policies ie behaviour, safeguarding, complaints, disciplinary.grievance?


Who signs your policies? Manager, governors or head?


Do you use school risk assessments instead of your own?


Do you follow the school food trust guidelines for snack?


Is there anything else that you think is different because you are under the school and not registered separately?


Thanks for any info/advice

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Guest tinkerbell

The parents used to run our OOSC but then found they couldn't get a committe together and it was in troubled times so the governors decided to take it on.

The club is run in our school hall ,if a club run by a teacher is operating eg dance or netball the club uses a classroom.The club follows school policies .They had their own risk assessment procedures which seem perfectly adequate.The staff have basic food hygiene and follow school trust guidelines .We are a Healthy School and OOSC follows the ethos.

As assistant head I do performance management for all non teaching memebers of staff and I formally do the co-ordinator of the club and her assistant twice a year to get a handle on what they feel and the training needs etc.As EYFS teacher I discuss what the topics are each term and the co-ordinator may follow some of the themes especially seasons,festivals etc.


The changes would be that the school bursar has taken on the paper work regarding the bookings and taking all money,this isbecause some parents operate a real add hoc arrangement and she is able to call in a third worker should our numbers require it.

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Tinkerbell, how well trained are the staff who run your oosc? I'm just wondering because ours seems to be run by any 'joe bloggs', and children from my reception class attend. There are children who attend the breakfast club, which is run by 1 adult, a different parent everyday, who is quite often alone with the children.


Just wondering?

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Our after school club (ASC) and breakfast club are part of the wraparound care which also includes nursery lunch club and nursery private sessions.


Originally ASC was registered separately from school but run by school.

However following a change to legislation the wraparound services are now seen as part of the school and are inspected as part of the school OFSTED.

At some point the wraparound care will have its own Governor on the Governing committee but we are in the process of getting a new Head as well as mass changies to the Governing body.


Yes we follow the schools policies but you will need some that are different because ASC is different to school.

Yes as we are inspected with school we need to follow school guidelines re snacks.


I wrote the policies after lots of research and as the manager signed them but the old Head did look at them first!


As for staff Lucie it is important to get the qualifications right.

I have a supervisor who is an NNEB (level 3) who we need because some of the children are foundation stage age from nursery and reception.

With my supervisor who is in each night

I have a HLTA (level 4) two nights a week

A NVQ level 3 one night a week

A TA level 3 one night a week

One member of staff with no formal childcare qualifications.


On busy nights my HLTA or level 3 do extra nights.


There is always a qualified first aider present

No staff are ever left alone.

Leaving a parent alone with children does not sound good to me.

Have they got a CRB in place?


My breakfast club is run by a level 3 with a second member of staff.


All staff have food handling and hygiene training and safeguarding training as part of the schools staff.


I suppose the biggest change since we came under the school umbrella is that we need to be aware that OFSTED inspect us as part of the school inspection and so ultimately we could fail!!!


Not sure if I answered all the questions now.


Please ask if I can be of any further help!

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Ok, so now I'm really confused about ours because we had our inspection before christmas -school. Definately EYFS children attended both before and after school, but there were no level 3 people in there. OFSTED didn't even look at what was happening - which quite often is chaos.




Sorry to hijack your thread Marley. forgive me?!


just edited to say that all people do have CRB so thats one thing I suppose!

Edited by Lucie
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Hi Lucie

Must admit we are very like scarlett and even when taken on by school will continue to be run the same (except with possible more support available should someone not turn in at last minute!!). Being separate from the school has more things to comply with ie the register stipulates which rooms to be used, children numbers etc but I would like to think that even when we get taken on by school we would keep to ratios, qualified staff, first aiders, food hygiene etc etc. Who actually runs your setting ie manages it? If it is run by the school it should be briely mentioned ion your last OFSTED report. You could do a search for OFSTED reports for your area and if it is private it will have its own.I suppose also if it is the school then they regulate it how they see fit? Although I wouldnt be happy with what you are describing.


Thanks Scarlett...you have confirmed what I was thinking about some things.

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