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Interview For An Eyfs Teacher Help With Questions?


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I am going to be applying for posts as an EYFS teacher. Does anyone know if they have specific questions they may ask an EYFS teacher at an interview or do they tend to be the usual general ones? Would appreciate some advise,


Thanks Louise

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Somethings about parents; child centred learning-planning from children's ideas

The Tickell report and revised EYFS

Assessing and observing children's learning

How to engage the harder to reach parents - engaging fathers?

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There would most likely be something about SEN children and they may ask you about any experiences of using the Profile if it is an F2 post.

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At my last interview they asked me....

sometimg about dealing with a angry parent

dealing with a child who said thye were board

SEN- IEP's and teaching

How I would ensure equal ops across the setting

One that really baffled me at the time was along the lines of outside community. Basically they wanted me to talk about links with outter community e.g visiting church, library, other school etc

thye alos asked me about AfL in reception, progress and striking a balance between child iniciated learning and adult led.

oh and I always get this one.....

What would we see if we walked into your FS classroom.


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