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Olympic Games Ideas For Topic


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My Nursery is planning a topic, "London and the Olympics" for the Summer term. Thought we could incorporate Queen's Diamond Jubilee and historical things in London and also the Olympic Games.

Does anyone have any brilliant ideas?


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Mini Olympics of your own or done within the area- other settings, feeder schools. Include a passing the torch between settings.

Make your own olympic flame to carry home, medals, trying different sports. Loads of ideas here


Multicultural week - foods from abround the world, costumes, flags, parents come in of different nationalities. We had the idea of our role play area being an airport for people to travel to the olympics and to different countries.

Essex have brought out a pack of ideas for Early years here


Mascots from the Olympics - there are cartoons about them here:


Paralympics - We played sitting down volleyball at one of training courses the other day - we had three balloons inflated we were all sat down and had to keep the ball in the air and not let our bums off the chair


London & Jubilee - street party in the pre-school, flag making, crowns, role play - castles, kings and queens, cardboard box castle/Big Ben


Ohh looking forward to the summer!!!



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I'm hoping to focus on the Global community as a lead up to the Games.. Looking at stories from other cultures etc.. I'm struggling to find resources to support this. has anyone any ideas?

Thanks Bev

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we are hoping to change our annual sports day to the olympic games. we will create a display of some of the most popular events. chn will create bunting of various countrys' flags

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Just browsing for inspiration - I now have plenty and cant seem to stop looking now :-}}}


Thank you everyone!

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