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Can anyone help? We use the jolly phonics scheme but unfortunately I have lost the sheet the children colour in for the letters - 'Qq', 'Ww', and 'Vv'. Would anyone be able to send me a photocopy? If you can, could you email me at clthomson@ntlworld.com. Thanks very much. Claire

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Have just scanned the pages from my handbook and e-mailed you. Not sure if I'm supposed to do this!


They are each saved as a bmp so may take a while to download.




Edited by Jackie A.
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Hi Claire


Just wanted to welcome you - saw this was your first post.


We do Jolly Phonics with our children in pre-school, but we don't use the worksheets. How do you use them in your setting?




PS I'm deeply impressed with anyone who can scan an image and then email someone! Well done Jackie A. Really must upgrade my IT skills...

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