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Suitable Persons Interview Please Help!


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Could somebody please help me.


i am due my suitable persons interview but cant seem to find the questions that i need. i have been on the ofsted website and down loaded questions but they were from April 2007 and was asking me to make reference to the national minimum standards.


i then contacted ofsted and they said this was out of date and emailed me a link. After opening the link they had sent me a booklet called preparing for your registration visit, is this the one i need? or have i confused the person on the phone.


if anybody can send me the questions i would be very greatful.

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I made notes from others on this forum when the manager of school cub was due hers and she later said that they asked her the same sort of thing. Hope this helps! Cant find how to add attachment so copied and paste in instead!

Suitable Person Interview Information


Had mine end of last year, Lady was really nice and it was very relaxed she wanted to check my documentations, i.e passport, driving lic, and a utility bill or bank statement to prove my address the asked to check my qualifications.


we then had a chat where she run through a list of question and typed my answers straight onto her laptop. would say the whole thing lasted between 1.5 - 2 hours.


These are some of the questions she asked me.


She asked my about my understanding of the EYFS and what is in it?


Safeguarding (what i would do in the event of an incident)


when i woud need to contact Ofsted and why and how i would do th


How i ensure my staff are sutiable for job and how we recruit, what procedure I would follow.


multi agency working - what does this mean?


She asked I how i ensure and monitor the children progress and how we plan for individual childrens needs.



I had mine a few months ago. The lady went through the policies and procedures. She asked me about welfare, organisation, learning areas and other bits and pieces about the EYFS. She also asked when i would need to notify ofsted about anything, general management questions / staffing / child protection etc. The whole thing lasted about 2 hours.


Mine was a good few years ago now but one thing that always sticks out is the fact that she said she didn't expect me to know everything, but would expect that I would now where to go to find out.

I had mine just a few weeks ago, so I will try and list some of what I was asked. She had a form on her laptop and was basically going through the EYFS welfare and learning requirements. Bear in mind that I'm committee, but I don't imagine it would be different for you, she asked things like:


- How do we ensure resources are safe and clean?

- How do we check suitability of new staff?

- How do we ensure that we cover all 6 areas of learning?

- What do we do about any children with SEN?

- How do we involve parents with our setting and communicate with them?

- How do we assess children's progress while they're with us?

- What's our policy on children who take medication?

- How do we manage behaviour?


That kind of thing, then at the end a few very personal questions that I found a bit beyond reasonable given that I am a volunteer, things to do with my health and lifestyle, I thought that was a bit of a cheek.


Good luck, it's not so bad, in fact I think I freaked the lady out by knowing more about some stuff than she had expected. I also took the chance to quiz her on some stuff we were unsure about, given that she's an inspector you might as well get it from the horse's mouth!!


Had mine a few months back, all standard stuff. She asked about safeguarding, crbs, risk assessments, policies, as well the personal stuff like units of alcohol you drink etc. She was very supportive and found I could speak openly and honestly with her about where the setting was at. Needed to see proof of id and my crb.

She asked about our policies and procedures, our safeguarding procedures, staffs continuous development and what would i want to do next with regards to training.


She made a big thing about Equal opps and said that with the changes that are happening to Ofsted, they will be looking more into how we support every child and their families and who goes that extra mile to do so!


She also asked how i make sure staff are suitable for the job and how i ensure staff do not come into work drunk ( thank god she didnt see the bottle of vodka left over from the nursery easter party in the storage cupboard ha ha). She did also ask how much i drink and if i smoke and if we had a no smoking policy!

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