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Hi everyone

our head has asked me to produce some foundation data from the on entry scores in to reception class.

I spent yesterday looking at it all but am a bit lost as to what i need to be doing.

I was wondering if anyone else has done this and would be able to point me in the right direction or even shae their data with me?

She has asked me to look at the whole on entry data in each area of learning as well as for groups of children ie EAL and summer birthdays. Im just stuck as to what this should look like, what sorts of charts etc will be useful to produce ....

Any help would be gratefully received.

Thank you so much

Jo xx

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Guest LornaW

If you don't use a tracking system look back at your assessments at the end of the first half term or whenever you entered them in that first half term looking at CLL and PSED to begin with. Then see how many children were working in each of the areas of DM and then on the profile points 1-3 Then you can work this out as a percentage and you can give this to the headteacher as on entry data.

So for example in say a class of 30 I may have 14 children working in DM at 30 - 50 months for Language for Communication, Lnaguage for thinking and Linking sounds and letters so that would be 46.5% of the children working in 30 - 50 months and then you carry on with the rest of your assessments. Very time consuming which is why it is so much easier to use a tracjking system like the forum's PRAMS.

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Hi there,

we were provided a data entry form from our EY advisors. i will try and attach..

So, use the info from nursery and put childs initials on the correct age band which they were planning at and you agree with.

Have left initials on so you can see.

Hope this helps.


Ruralprice- how are you finding sims? We are considering that soon.

initial entry data 2011.xls mark 2.xls

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Hi we use an excell document we take the scores from eprofile and feed them into grid (sorry not sure how its done school administrator does it) if you have a wizz kid in school they should be able to help. Basically it a A3 pieces of paper with all children on and thier scores (one for progress and one for attainment) the final colum adds up thier scores each term so you can see if they are on track ( however we have to look at across the 3 core strands to see if they are reasonable scores as a child may be high in CD but low in W so score might even out but the W would need highlighting) Once the grid has been given to me I do like an action plan of children who might not be on track and write any barriers to learning, actions to be but inplace etc


One of the grids shows thier progress e.g heading of areas and below would say thier score for baseline followed by spring autum summer. so it might look like this 2, 4, 5, 7 you can clearly see how thye have progressed. The second grid shows how many points thye have made intotal from each ten to the next.


what is difficult is that there is no set place that children should be through the year all we know is that 1-3 on entry is avarage for our area and leaving on 6/7 is good progress.


Good luck it would be good if you could get eprofile sound like tou need something like this

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I have to submit data to my head every half term and because I don't really have EAL or a FS issue (just 2 FSM) she asks for boys against girls. I do have the iprofile which helps to generate graphs etc but what she says is most useful to her is average points attainment for boys and girls for each of the 13 areas (she doesn't use DM bands at all) and average points gained in each area so far. I present this to her in the form of a table and so she can see at a glance where the gaps are and in which areas we have made progress etc. She expects at least 4 points progress in each area across the board by the end of the year. I presented this same table to ofsted last year when they came and the inspector said she found it useful set out like that. I have the iprofile to help me work out averages but if you were doing it manually it would be taking the children's points score at the beginning of the year and then working out the averages for boys and then girls and then doing the same now for each of the areas and then working out the difference. I think you need to ask your head what exactly they are looking for and in what format or look at what has been done in previous years. If I can work out how to attach a file, I will post what I give in each term!


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Hi - do you use EYFS Target Tracker? If you do then you can produce reports showing specific groups of children and their progress over time using this. So you could select EAL, Summer borns, gender etc.

I have to produce a detailed report at the end of each academic year looking at each strand and each set of children - FMS, gender, LAC etc. It used to take me weeks to tabulate all the information but now it only takes a day :)

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