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I am hoping someone can help me please.


I need a maternity cover contract. Does anyone have a copy of one I can look at or does anyone know what I should include in our currrent one to alter it?


Many thanks

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In another lifetime (ie, before having children & starting to work in childcare ;-) ) I worked for our County Council in Education and 1 of the things I did was send out teaching and non-teaching contracts for schools, and maternity leave contracts were quite common. All my knowledge of maternity leave contracts comes from then so is about 17 years out of date...


The important things are to put that it is maternity leave cover for X and that she is expected to go on maternity leave on a certain date, and that the contract will end on her return to work.


(Yes, she may well not return and the cover person may be the best person in the world to fill the resulting vacancy, but you cannot offer that at any time until properly advertised following the resignation.)


You need to consider what will happen if maternity leave starts sooner than expected, if she goes into labour early or is advised to start maternity leave earlier than planned. Also what will happen if she looses the baby - if this is after 24 weeks she still has the right to maternity leave.


I think most if not all of the above would be relevant to a additional paternity leave or to adoption leave cover; note also that paternity leave and additional paternity leave apply to a civil partner in a same sex relationship.

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