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We have got an RE subject inspection on Thursday and have all been told we must plan in an RE session in to that day.


I have done RE with my Reception class this year but not on a weekly basis we have linked it in with Harvest, Diwali, Christmas and will link to Easter etc...


We have done a little on Lent over the past 2 weeks.


I am now unsure as to what to do as an RE lesson especially as it is Science week too and the focus I have been given for science week is Trains! I did contemplate going on a magic train ride to the church, but could not think of anything creative for the children to do after that, it is a 30 minute session they are looking for, no CI activities just an adult led session with the children engaging in some tasks.


Any ideas would be great thanks! :)

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I would abandon linking it to trains as that seems too tenuous and RE doesn't necessarily need to link to anything else. For my RE last Friday we had a 'signs of new life detective hunt' I gave the children magnifying glasses and cameras to capture the bulbs growing and buds on bushes etc the children were really engaged and were very excited if the found something they could photograph. This will eventually lead into talking about Easter and new life etc and the easter story.

hope all goes well!

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