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Hi guys,


Hope you are all ok. I am just wondering if any of you have any teaching ideas or activity ideas which link to the points SSM 5 Uses everyday words to describe position and SSM7 uses language such as greater smaller heavier or lighter. I am just looking for fun, exciting ways to teach these and activties linked to it to keep all my children involved and interested.


I hope this makes sense it has been a long day and im shattered lol


Thanks :o

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We are doing heavier lighter next week.

One activity is usinga see saw and with an adult, 6 chn will balance themselves and see who is heavier, lighter, noting what vocab the chn use and making up oral sentences x is heavier than y but lighter than.... if you get my drift.


Another adult led is to use balance scales and weigh a range of objects and try to add to each side to make them balance. Guess which will be hevier lighter then test it etc.


As an independent we have lots of same size boxes that we will make weigh different amounts and wrap as present for Goldilocks (we are doing trad tales) chn have to pick up and put in order of weight.

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