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I just need to purchase a really good book to support a child who attends my pre-school who is having issues with her family situation. She lives with her mum and sister and stays with her dad once a fortnight. Unfortunately two years ago she had a lot of upheaval in her life when she was taken from her mum (child protection issue) and her and her baby sister went to live with dad for 9 months. She was subsequently sent back to live with her mum.

She is now struggling with everything and has started to self-harm (she is only 4!) and says 'if i am naughty i can go and live with my dad again'. When the family were part of CP her mum bit her (retaliating after she had been biting her sibling frequently) and this is why she went to live with her dad. The child now believes that if she is naughty or hurt she will go back to her dad (she has verbally shared this with mum).


I have planned in puppet role play to talk about families etc. and obviously the family are now being supported under TAC. Can anyone recommend good books to read about families?

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Poor little girl :o . I don't know of a book about families that relates to her situation, but my boys like Catherine & Lawrence Anholt's Good Days, Bad Days - about a family (mum, dad, big sister & twin little brother & sister) where you see them arguing, being ill, burying a family pet, going on holiday, having birthday parties.


They also do Big Book of Families which has images of different families.


Is there anyone else working with the family who can suggest something?

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