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My preschool has been invited to join the streched funding pilot scheme, this means that we can open for more weeks per year and parents of funded children can spread the eye funding over more weeks e.g claim 13 hours per week instead of 15 the remainding hrs covers the cost or part cost of extra weeks (sorry bit complicated) anyway we are thinking about opening an extra few weeks in the summer(open 38 weeks at mo) this news is going down well with the working parents however we need a few more than just the children of those parents to cover costs.

my question is should we invite older children?

our registration is from 2yrs to under 8 yrs and im sure there would be some working parents grateful of childcare.

Does anyone else do this?

if so how does mixing the ages work?

Do you need separate rooms?

quite excited about it all but lots to do!

any advice appreciated x :o

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