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Firstly Im sorry if I posted this in wrong place but im still trying to get my head round where to be.



After a long meeting with our SIP tonight and a talk about Ofsted. She mention quite alot, the focus on reading in school. im wanting to put some New reading things in place for Reception class.


I had a quick brain storm and came up with a few ideas, but then just tought it would be easier to ask for help. Im happy do some stuff but want it to be as least time consuming as possible. Really I want to highlght the importance of reading and get children excited about it (including at home too!)

So I thought.........


Story sack library- a friend suggested getting parents to make them or donate things

Reading morning- inviting parents in 15 mins earlier to share reading books with children

and to spruse up my reading area.

So as you can see I didnt get far but though you wise souls might have some super ideas


Please help and if you have any resources or info/leaflet etc I would live them.

Really looking forwards to your responces................

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Might be worth highlighting your vulnerable children - ones that are not supported with their reading at home and having an action plan for them. Our head has requested reading with those children three times a week - we do this in groups, individually and with parents in (although they clearly see lots not just the vulnerable ones).

Pairing up with an older class and having a regular reading spot where the older children bring a book to share with younger one and also opp for the younger ones to read to them.

World book day is coming up(1st March)....might be worth signing up and using it as a starting point for your relaunch? they have some children's authors live that morning on internet streaming (not sure how relevant it will be but I am signed up).

a start to the ideas i am sure someone will come along with better...

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we are having a massive focus at the moment as a school, we were each given £100 to do up our reading areas. Everyone was so excited about having some money that we've all gone to town and each class now has a fab reading area ranging from a swamp to a camp site with deck chairs and a tent to read in. I have a dark den in my reading area as well as canopies and cushions and the children go in there with torches to read their books. We have a school initiative whereby each child who reads at home 5X per week gets a small prize and is entered into a draw, the first week I had 5 children out of 30 who got the prize and last week it was 23! We have a reading week next week and one of the things I'm doing is a 'bedtime story day' they all come in PJs with favourite bedtime story and books and we will be making cosy dens and reading our books to each other. We are also paired with Y4 children each week for paired reading. We are having our world book week next week instead of in March (have no idea why!) so we also have an extreme reading competition (having a photo taken in an unusual place to read) each teacher is reading to each class for 15 mins a book of their choice (bit like speed dating-we all move around)


on a normal week I do daily guided reading for 20 mins each day, all the children are engaged with reading/phonics games or tasks (they love it and cheer when I say it's guided reading time!!) All children are heard this way except the 5 I have identified who are read with every day by either me, TA or a parent helper.


hope that helps


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We have a book club each week - the children bring in a book they like (might be a book from home or possibly a book they've had from school / read at school that they've enjoyed). Each child has a book mark with their photo and name at the top (A5 cut in half lengthwise) and on the bookmark they or their grown up write why they particularly like this book - what was their favourite part, character etc. The new books come in to school on Monday and go in a special box in the book corner. The children have free access to them all week, going over and seeing what books their friends have recommended etc. Then on Friday we have book club where the children tell the class about their book and then the children have a chance to go and look at someone else's book with them and share it together. (The book club bit works differently each week depending on how many children have brought in a book - if only a few children have, they'll talk in more depth to the class about the book, if just a couple its just a brief mention with more chat when they go on to share the book with a friend.


It has been lovely - the children love it, it has raised the profile of reading and gives lots of opportunities for lots of points on the reading scale on the profile! Characters, retelling, information books.... Children are motivated to look at the books because they are recommended by their friends.

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