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Activity Ideas Needed For Feelings And Emotions Please?


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Hi everyone


This maybe long as its two posts in one!!!


Firstly we are having a few behavioural issues at the moment but to be honest most of the behaviour is being displayed at home and not in our setting though it is starting to venture into a setting iykwim.


Firstly - we have a boy who is 3 and 4 months. Mum admitted to me last week that she doesn't know how to deal with his behaviour. While on outing he hurt 3 of his friends by hitting them. Now each time he did this he looked at mum the whole time as if waiting for a response. Now I witnessed one of these incidents and he knew me and mum were taking but continued to watch to see what his mums reaction was while he pushed another child. Mum admitted that he hits, punches and even spits in her face and when he spits in her face she gets annoyed and angry which leads him to get even more angry. She said that her oldest does this too but only dad seems to have authority. He won't stay in time out for her at all. Other than suggest she follows through with time out and makes sure he stays in time out.


Can anyone suggest any activities we can do in the setting around being angry etc and what we should do if we feel this way?


Secondly - another child who is 4 in April has recently moved house and is very emotional. Now she said to me last friday that she misses her old house. She is not sleeping well either but I have explained to mum that as it's a new house it may take a while to settle and get used to new noises etc.


Again does anyone hav any suggestions on ativities around feeling scared etc


Thirdly we have 4 girls who are all off to school reception in september and are forever falling out. And I really don't know what to do with this. One of the children involved is the child in the second statement and another one is having toileting issues (more she refuses to go. She was toilet trained this time last year and is now stubbornly refusing to go. Have tried all sorts including leaving her in wet clothes at mums request but this as no effect. It's driving mum mad because she can do and has proved this while being on holiday a couple of times over the last year) There forever falling out and then getting upset because one of them does not want to play with the other etc. They are all only in on two days and the other days it is a mixture of maybe only 2 being in.


Anyone have any suggestions with dealing with this?


I was thinking of doing a book around feelings i.e what makes us sad, what makes us happy - but to use the children's suggestions


I would appreciate any advice on any of the above matters. Many thanks

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These are just very general ideas for the whole class really but might help with some of the issues.


I have a book called the huge bag of worries- amazon bough cheap- really good maybe for the child who is upset about moving house?


Also in our class we have feeling flowes each flower about A3 sized with pictures of children displaying differnt feelings. Each child in the class has a peg with thier name on it. They put the peg on the flower that describes how thye are feeling that day. I then look at the sad, lonley, angry ones and find the child to ask them why they have placed thier peg on that flower. Also take account of the positive feeling too (Why are you excited today what is going to happen/or what made you so excited/happy) I suppose its a way to get the children to open up and to begin a conversation.


I had a child in the past who was angry at 4 1/2 years he had a corner that he could go to in the classroom, a sress ball and he would go there when he was angry squeeze the ball count to 10 and then tell me what has made him angry.


Ive used feeling fans in the past too- if I can find them ill post them.


Maybe you could get the SENCo (if you have one) involved for some support. It sound hectic for you

also the child with toilet issues may have mediacl problems- get her mum to take her to docs especially since her toileting behaviours have changed so much.

The child who is misbehaving at home it sounds like the mum need some advice/ traing I know its more work for you but could you put her a pack togehter with some advice tips, a leaflet and maybe stategies etc also maybe she could come into a session and be part of it show her some behaviour managment strategies you use. Ensure she know why she is coming in to observe how to deal with behaviour and reinforce good behaviour.



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A lot of the issues you raise are around parenting. Do you have contact with a local Children's Centre? Many of our local centres offer parenting advice and classes. You could maybe collect some leaflets and signpost the parents to the Centre for help. It sounds to me as if these behaviours will only change when the home situation changes. You can try to control the behaviour within your setting and help the children concerned to recognise their feelings, but I suspect there are deeper problems here which will need work by the parents.


Meanwhile make it very clear what is acceptable behaviour when the children are in your setting.

I agree that The Huge bag of Worries is a good book. Perhaps you could lend a copy to be read by the parent to the child at home?

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