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Does anyone have any brill ideas for displays for traditional tales, fairytales and nursery rhymes for 2/3's. Have seen the previous ideas for Jack and the Beanstalk - brill!

Would appreciate any ideas.




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We once did a before and after Cinderella! We split the board we were using for the display into two. We talked about how she was sad and didn't have nice clothes or do happy things and how mean the sisters and mother were to her. We did a picture of her in tatters and crying. We then did the make over picture on the other side. We gave her a smiling face as she was now happy, and lovely clothes etc.


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That sounds good!

We did Goldilocks recently.

Basicaly the 3 bears' house. The children printed on lining paper as wallpaper for the background.

Drew round a child and dressed the cut out in real clothes. A couple of children made the face - it was VERY scary! We cut 3 different sized flower pots in half, the children painted them and we stuck them on as the bowls and put real spoons in them.

We made the beds, chairs and table form various paint and collage methods. My favourite bit was 3 pictures drawn by the children that we put in real frames and hung up!

We also had the 3 bears looking thru a window into the house and made curtains and a pelmet to go round the window.

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