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We're having a VE day party next week. We'll be having a street party - and need some games or activities to keep the children interested. This will be a whole school activity - although FS/KS1 will have their party together and KS2 on their own due to space problems (unless it rains and then we'll be in the hall :o )


So far we've thought of playing music from the war years - Glenn Miller, Vera Lynn and playing some simple party games - team games with passing the ball through the legs etc. But would be really grateful if anyone has any other ideas.



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Have you thought of inviting a truck load of GI'? Won't keep the children amused but would certainly entertain staff

on a serious note: Giant musical chairs, either class by class or year by year and then a play off; shooting penalties; old fashioned games corner, marbles, jacks, pick up sticks; communal singing (need a guider or scouter for list of ideas), in fact a guider or scouter would probably have hundreds of ideas that a) work and :o are popular with children today. So I'll shut up. Let me know if you do call the Americans in.


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