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Ideas For Lessons On Addition


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Hi all,


I'm creating a sequence of lessons and group activities on addition for my reception class but struggling for ideas! I have tried searching previous post on this but not sure if i'm doing it wrong or there aren't any out there! any suggestions of ideas would be appreciated!



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I'm doing the same thing this week - will be trying some of these ideas:


An empty lunchbox/plastic food - put 2 sandwiches in one side, 1 sandwich in the other side - close it up, give it a shake, how many altogether?

Repeat with different food/numbers.


A feely bag - one child chooses a number card and puts that many cubes inside, another child does the same. Can they work out how many cubes altogether? Give it a shake and count them to check.


Simple board games using 2 dice with numbers (not dots) 1 to 3.


2 drums. Give 2 children a number card, they beat their drums to match the number - rest of class count the beats? How many altogether?


A group of girls, a group of boys - how many children altogether?


Outside - hoops numbered 1 to 5. Throw 2 beanbags and add the numbers together to work out your score. Show children how to record with tally lines (clipboards).


Hope that helps.

Would love to hear of anyone else's ideas.

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