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Desperately need some inspiration. I have to put up a display by Friday -need something that I can do quickly with the children. The board is long and thin and mustn't have anything sticking out from it. Possibly an American theme (Independence Day on Mon).


Please help!



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Are you at an American school? If not, will Independence Day mean much to the children?

My advice would be to create a display around the work your class are already doing. What is your current topic?

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How about some sort of graph?

I recently cut out lots of car shapes and asked the children to colour it in the colour of their own car if they had one. (As it happened they did)

I wrote labels of the colour names (written in the appropriate colour) and numbers.

I then drew dashed lines in chalk (similar to road markings)

The children helped me to stick the cars on and could see very easily which colours were most and least popular. I added a couple of colours that nobody used to introduce the nought concept.


Other ideas - what pets they have

Colour room

Colour front door

Colour toothbrush

Favourite colour

Favourite food

Number of siblings


The possibilities are endless but it fits nicely in a long thin space!



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