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Hi there,


Im new to the forum and was wondering if anyone could help. .....

We are wanting to revamp the report format for reception Class t school. At the moment ours is 2 pages long and we report on all 6 area plus additional comment. These take me ages! does anyone do any thing that is more simplified? if so please could I look at some examples.


Also does anyone know where i can get good training on the new EYFS??

Thanks Stacey

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Hi Stacey


I did a little forum search and found a few previous topics that might help a little


End Of Year Reports


Reports Help!


Reception Reports


Reports, help


Reports Yr1


As for the training....the new EYFS is not out yet....due out in the Spring. Can your LA advisor offer any advice on training in general?



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  • 3 months later...

Thank you Sue

Have just sat down to begin my reports and thought I would look on here for any phrases I could borrow and you have put everything in one place - great, what a time saver :)

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