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Sorry, I'm having a tired day and not sure if I've understood your post correctly... (and it's only Tuesday!)


Do you mean a way of showing which children are within each phase after assessment? If so, there is a phonics tracking grid that I was given on a CLL course. It is quite useful, as you can clearly see who is where and is straight forward for the next year group to use.


Let me know if that's the kind of thing you were after and I can see if I can attach it as a doc. :o



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Hi I assess at the end of every half term on an assessment I found on the internet (I have one for every phase) and that determines which phase my children are working within. I don't use a whole class tracker as such but keep these assessments in a file. At the moment I have 3 groups within the class my group (middle of phase 3), my TA (consolidating phase 2) and my Ta who is attached to a child with downs syndrome and has a group of 4 to do a very multi sensory phase 2 (working on phase 2 set 3 at the moment) We set for phonics through to Year 3 and the spreadsheet is on the shared network. At the moment we are self contained within reception but come feb half term, I will have several who will move to phase 4 and will be taught with some year 1s by the Y1 TA.


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Hi Guys


Sorry I've not responded sooner....I've been moving into my new house.


I have used a tracker (obtained from the internet) that lists the phases & I have recorded which children are at which part of each phase. (It's a table in a word document) I began making an excel spreadsheet. I wanted to track progress but also wanted a back up to my paper files.


I just wondered if anyone else did this, or if anyone recorded their information in any other way? Maybe I don't need to record it in this way.


If I do manage to create something in excel that is useful, I'll be sure to share it.


Many Thanks for all of the replies.



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