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Just wondering......................receieved a letter from our LEA this morning, advising that, following consultation with settings in our county, ALL settings will receive the same amount of funding from April this year.( I voted for everyone to receive the same) Ours is currently set at £3.86 per hour, and schools at £4.10, childminders get £8.96.............so I'm trying to figure out what the new rate will be? Do other counties do this? I'll obviously be pleased if our rates go up ( for the Spring terms, I think mine is going to drop to £3.59 as we have quite a few more children accessing the FE)..........interesting!

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In Somerset we all have the same base rate but the final amount includes a vareity of 'add ons' like having a EYP, no of children from deprived areas, distance from next provider, number of hours open etc. So, for example, I receive an extra 25p per child per hour for being a qualified EYP

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I wish we all had the same in the county. We are a Borough and run the same as max321 said we have a base rate the same but then have add ons for quality, deprivation, EYP, and hours, and a supplement for being private. Our base rate is £3.11, our childminders get £4+ and so do our maintained nurseries. As we are a Borough next to another Borough in a county or three LA's give different amounts, all very different amounts as well. We are the smallest so get less than the other 2 LA's

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