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I have had an idea for a lunchtime club at school but am finding it difficult to extend the idea. The club runs from 12.30 -1.00 p.m. - so just 30 minutes with a small group of KS2 children.

I would like to run a 'mystery club'; each week I plan to read the group 'one of the world's greatest mysteries' e.g. the Mary Celeste, sightings of UFOs, the Lockness Monster etc. and afterwards to 'discuss' possibilities, truthfulness of report etc.

But where else can I take it, other than just a point of discussion, albeit very interesting?

Any ideas welcome!

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Guest tinkerbell

sounds like fun.

If you had the use of ICT room the children could investigate the stories themselves after you had told them.

A good debate ,divide the children in half as believers and disbelievers of the story.

Ask the children in turn to prepare a mystery each week to present to the group after your mystery.



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What about some chinese type puzzles, looking at the work of Escher, mystery authors Christy and Conan Doyle, a ship in a bottle, wheres wally.

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