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Hello :D


Still doing C 11 just a few more K E to do


Ke 24

A varity of practical activities, techniques, materials & techniques which encourage & help children to represent their experiences & the rationale for using them.


ke 35

The value of observing children's interaction before intervening.

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I'm not familiar with NVQ but KE24 is quite a long statement, I would suggest breaking it down a bit into the different headings.

Consider, in your experience, the experiences that children most often represent in your setting and how you have seen them do it, then extend to think about experiences you think children could represent but haven't, and how you would resource the setting ( including the adult role) to support this.

The rationale would be a comment on why it is important for children to represent their experiences, to offer activities which are relevant to the children.


KE35 could link with the above adult role. How would we know when to intervene? how would we know in what way to intervene? why would we not intervene? How would we be able to be thinking in the same context as the child during his/her play before intervening?


Hope this helps.




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Thank you Peggy


I'm slowly getting through this NVQ 3 with alot of help from people on this site.


:D Vanessa :D

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