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Risk Taking And Cultural Tools


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Hi All

I was wondering if anyone might have some thoughts on two topics within the early years.

Risk Taking and Cultural Tools. These are two different essays that I am preparing at the moment.


With Risk Taking I have mind mapped and researched issues surrounding the environment - safe and stimulating, the EYFS and the review, Play England, how risk is perceived and acted upon by adults/parents (over protected etc.) and practitioners. Not sure what else might be worth considering or whether this will be enough (only 1,500 words)


Same goes for Cultural Tools where I am relating it to Vygotsky and how they are central to our society now. So have looked at psychological cultural tools i.e. language, drawing and writing. Haven't found anything yet on mathematical front. Material ones - physical and culturally transmitted information. ICT pros and cons, toxic childhood (ordered Sue Palmer's book) Genoenvironmental - nature/nurture. How cultural tools are promoted in curriculum. Commercialisation including media and the arguement as to whether TV promotes violence.


If anyone has a view or suggestion or thinks I should cut out anything I would appreciate it. Thanks.


Dramapixie :o

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