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HI all,


I am wondering if any of you that work in pre-school can tell me what your favourite activities to do with the children are.


i am needing to focus on PSRN activities - letters and sounds and just general fun activities that children 2 - 4 and a half can engage in and enjoy.


I am struggling for fun and inspired ideas..... my inspiration has gone on holiday LOL.


any help really appreciated



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Hi i like tillys soup



you have a puppet called Tilly. a bowl, a spoon and lots of ingredients e.g worms, spiders.


Tell the chioldren tilly wants to make a soup. Tilly wispers in your ear what she needs e.g 2 spiders. Choiose a child to put 2 spiders in and mix the soup and so on!

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Thanks, Tilly's soup is a great idea :-)


Beau - it is suggestions for all three - just my mind has gone numb recently so i need some inspiration :o

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Hi Dawn,


I work in a nursery, and my children have recently really got into jigsaw puzzles. It's a lovely way for them to work together especially using a big floor jigsaw.


Other ideas that pop into my mind are....


- metal mike, my children have really enjoyed accessing this by themselves following some sessions where we have played it. (see letters and sounds) or ask if you don't know him.

- Bingo, shape or number bingo is always a fun group game.

- Junk modelling or in a group designing a robot/monster etc. either all together, individually or in pairs using construction like duplo or pop poids.

- We put ducks with numbered dots on them and use nets to catch them and see if the children can identify the number of dots correctly.


I usually find that if you do these activities as a group and then leave them out the children will access them independently.


Also letters and sounds has quite a few good game ideas.


Hope this helps!


Zoziebell x

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