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In October I sent in E230 which is a 30 point course to finish my degree in early years. To cut a long story straight it did not arrive on time and they have failed me saying I need to retake the course. All I would be doing is paying £400 resubmitting my essays which all passed and them sending my ECA which should pass going by the results from my other essays.


I am so cross this happened OU just seem to want money for nothing.


I am in two minds whether to appeal again or just leave it.


I wanted to do EYPS next years but cant now.


My question is does anyone know if there are any other options to complete my degree than with OU.


many thanks


Angela Worrell

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Just feel frustrated yes it was my fault. We have a real rubbish post office. In order to get essay in on time sent it without proof of posting and only put a first class large stamp on it not thinking it would not be enough postage. It then sat at sorting office before ou picked it up which was then too late.


Have emailed ou to see if there are any alternatives to finishing degree. so close yet so far.



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