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Hi, everyone.


I have Ofsted next week and our current theme -based on children's interest- is dinosaurs.


This is the third week of this theme - but its going well. We began by finding an egg and I thought that this week we could find a footprint and a letter from the eggs parent. - with the objective to be able to say the sounds in words when reading

The letter tells us of clues to find more eggs - each clue differentiated to match reading ability of child. then on the next day we will write back - be able to find and write the letter to match the sound heard in a word.

Last week we did 2d shapes and so we are moving on to 3d this week - using the 'magic' idea from here - thanks. Then using the faces to print with paint. - be able to say the name when shown a 'sphere, cuboid or cube.

I've got a dinosaur 'look out' for indoor role play and den making resources for outside.

i want to do a dinosaur swamp - what should i use for this?


We are doing 'j' so thought we could practice this with jelly and sort objects beginning, or not, with j. then write a caption to match a picture.


Does this sound ok? I'm trying not to do anything out of the ordinary - but also show my best abilities to get the most out of the children. :o

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Guest ChunkyMan



Do you do 1 letter per week, are all the children learning the same sound, are they all at the same stage/phase? Just wondering?


They other ideas sound great.....Good luck with next week. :o

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Hi, no its j for monday then v for tuesday - just starting phase 3.

The children are split into 2 groups for phonics, the group i have this week (HA) have had one consolidation week for phase 2. the other group haven't had that week but will when they have learnt all single letter sounds, whereas this group will continue with the phase 3 sounds.

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Guest Pebble123

I understand the panic as we had ofsted this week ! Your ideas sound great, I would concentrate on the writing as when I read our local schools reports that was one of the main concerns for a lot of them-not enough writing opportunities.


Best of luck it will all be over soon !

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Guest tinkerbell

for the swamp have you tried baff stuff ? its powder you put in the bath which turns to gloop (like thick wall paper paste) they do different colours......we put it in the black tray with small world stuff so you could easily create a dinosaur swamp with it.http://www.amazon.co.uk/theinthing-com-Gelli-Baff-Blue-Lagoon/dp/B000Q79ZDA ( 1/3 of a packet will do)




I saw jelly in an early years book where the children explored a whole water tray of the stuff (perhaps a bit too adventurous if o are coming in ) you could set letters or dinosaurs in jelly and ask the children how they could getthem out (without eating them!)


good luck

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