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I am sorry if this question has been asked a lot before but I am having a real problem.


I have moved from FS having gone from the childrens interests and this has been super. I was asked to take on a mixed class and thought I would be able to use the children's interest and make sure I cover the needs of the year1 within the KS1 rolling plan. However, I have to follow KS1 as I have to match the y1 class which does not allow me to deviate away from the rolling plan. This is very QCA based even with Quigley in school.


As I have to do this, what I am asking is if anyone has a planning format for this mix. It might help me to get round this problem and feel at least I can do something correctly.


Thanks and hopefull for support G

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Hi Susan


Yes we use the quigley for mtp which follow the qca topics. Its more the short term planning I want to do correctly as the mtp is out of my hands.


So any help there would be appreciated.

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