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Profile Statement Cll5 Reading


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hello :D


I am struggling with profile statement CLL5 reading - Shows an understanding of the elements of stories, such as main character, sequence of events and opening. xD

The profile handbook has not really helped to clarify it but I think maybe I'm reading too much into it.

Just wondered what kind of evidence others have and from what kind of activities (other than sequencing pictures from a story) people have used.


any suggestions greatly appreciated :o




Lizz x

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We have acted out stories in person and with puppets, e.g. Jack and the beanstalk. The children can then tell you which puppets/characters you need, and as they act out parts of the story, you can see who has the structure there, and who can join in / remember repeated refrains too.

I hate this time of year- trying to catch up with any missed assessments!


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I hate this time of year because we have to do a lot of 'assumption' assessments. Because of my situation in the big room, it is very difficult to carry out observations because FS co and NNs find them to be a waste of good teaching time. It means that I have to have a fabulous memory and get a lot from the formal literacy/numeracy books. I hardly have any independent learning obs since Christmas as I made a huge effort to start off the year well, which was helped by everyone joining in, but then it was decided they were a waste of time and we were timetabled elsewhere - makes it hard when you don't have a spare minute to do the observations!!!!

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thank you


We did some retelling today and I gained some good observations.


I feel for you Gater :o it must be really hard for you to be able to assess adequately without doing observations. I find it very surprising that your EY co-ordinator thinks it's a waste of time, much of our assessment is based on obs.


thanks again :D


Lizz xxx

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