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hiya everyone


i'm an NQT just about to write my first end of year reports for my reception class i just wondered if anyone followed a format for the teachers comments at the end of the reports. any adive of what to include would be great!!




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I don't use a particular format - it's more a summing up of their year in Reception. Last year was my NQT year and I was a little worried too. This year I feel slightly more confident (only slightly!) but I'm actually looking forward to the final comments bit. I tend to choose a particular strength that they have achieved in Reception and simply wish them well in Year One. It has been a pleasure to teach them etc. Just a nice little personal note as the rest is covered by the wealth of comments I make for profile points.


My only advice to you is think what they would like to read in 20 years time when (and if!!) they were to flick back through their reports. Be quirky like me if that is what you like doing! I remember my parent's evening last year when I was handing them out and remembered that the parents were more interested in the amusing little quips I had written about their children, so I plan on using humour this year too!


Hope that helps


D xxx

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