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Dpp Level 3 - Unit 3


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Hi All,

I am busy with my DPP L3 and don't really know how to answer this question:


Explain why it’s important to have policies and risk assessments for the health, safety and hygiene of the setting.


My tutor says that I should answer each question with a section about babies, a section about toddlers and a section about preschool children.. but if I think of the IMPORTANCE of policies etc it is pretty much a blanket thing covering all ages as well as staff parents etc!

Can anyone help?

Thanks! :)

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Hi! and congratulations on making your first post :o


I agree that some policies are "blanket" to the setting. For example, mine (as a childminder) complaints, confidentiality, inclusion, in the event of a child not being collected, lost child and safeguarding cover everyone in the setting and it is a specific legal requirement of the EYFS (section 3 welfare requirements) that each setting has them.


However, I can see that your tutor may argue that risk assessments and other policies e.g. behaviour management, while equally important for each age group, would put the emphasis on different aspects.... or am I totally confused? (entirely possible xD )



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Thanks for your reply, Nona.

I agree wholeheartedly. Some of our policies are specific to certain children/ages but I am reading this question as more of a general "why having policies etc are important" rather than which ones are important for which age group. Added to that I have only got 400 -500 words for the answer! If I get too specific I will write way too much and just babble haha! Maybe I am misunderstanding the question xD I will have to have another little think about it.

At least it is the last unit YAY! I got A's for unit 1 & 2 so I am kind of putting myself under a bit of pressure not to drop the ball now.

Take care :o

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