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I have a little boy in my class who is proving to be a bit of a problem. He is very difficult to contain in our indoor and outdoor areas and often takes himself off and we don't know where he is. I have a class of 30 and only 2 of us and I am worried for his safety. Also this little lad is aggressive towards other children and often throws things in temper. We have managed to get him some time on our Thrive programme but that has not started yet. I have tried some things to reinforce positive behaviour with some on and off success but was wondering if any of you have something you have found to be particularly useful. We are running with his interests (as well as other children's) and he can be sometimes engaged but he is always better when he has one to one with an adult, but as you can appreciate this is not always possible.


Any gems of wisdom gratefully appreciated!

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Hello jo7jojo,


I'm presuming with the 30 class size and 2 adults that you are in reception, however this could have been a child that left our pre-school to go into reception this September.


We had all of those problems with aggressive behaviour, throwing, biting etc and were trying to get a statement although there was no obvious disability. We eventually got funding through doing a Common Assessment Framework (CAF) with the parents which provided us with the money to pay for one-to-one support which this child also needed.


I have recently been on Early Support training which although is geared to parents who have a child with additional needs gives some really useful information for all parent and practitioners in how to deal with behaviour amongst other issues. They provide downloadable booklets and can be found at www.dcsf.gov.uk/everychildmatters/earlysupport


Would be interested to know more about your Thrive programme too.



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As you have clear worries for his safety, and the safety of others in the class, may I suggest you write a risk assessment for this child, this would state clearly what the risks are and what needs to be done to minimise the risks.


Take this to the appropriate line manager, SENCO, or head and make clear these are safety issues as well as behavioural management ones.


A child needs to be safe before he can learn.


Good luck.

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