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Hello! I hope everyone is having a fantastic half term!


We have just been lucky enough to get funding for a new garden and some wonderful new outdoor equipment including a new writing table and water-resistant mat and cushions for a reading area (so exicted!!)


As we now have a lovely environment I want the children to get the most out of it. We are a 1 form entry school and we only have access to the outdoor environment through the main parents door, there is access from the nursery classroom but this is not accessible for reception so a 'free flow' approach is going to be hard to manage.


Currently we take a group of children outside in each activity session half have an adult led outside and half have child initiated activity time. As a new leader in Early Years I am keen to develop this area, and I am unsure if how we are using it is correct? I am just wondering how everyone else manages their outdoor provision?


Looking forward to all your fantastic respsonses :)


Emie :)

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They are great links I have gained some more ideas, I have just spent my saturday evening with a glass of wine and these links what an exciting life i lead ( if somebody had told me all those years ago when i was 19 thats that what i would be doing on a saturday later in life and not clubbing i would not have believed them!!!!!!!! although I did watch stritly first!

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Just realised I did not actually answer EmieJ actual question, we are very lucky to have a large outside area that can be acessed from both classrooms, during freeplay the doors are open and the children have acess to the outside area if they choose, there is a designated adult out there all morning(although if the weather is not kind we do swop about), sometimes joined by someone doing an adult led activity. At other times we use the outside area for small group work ( we are lucky to have a verandah so the weather is not too important) and for gymtrail.


When we were having the verandah built we could not acess outside on a freeflow basis, groups of children had to be taken out using the main acess door and we certainly noticed the difference right down to the fact the clarssroom felt stifling as we did not have the airflow.




there is access from the nursery classroom but this is not accessible for reception so a 'free flow' approach is going to be hard to manage


do reception and nursey join up for free flow? could reception be shut off and they just have acess to nursery and outdoors, a couple of years ago the reception classroom flooded and they were placed elsewhere in the school but came to Nursery for freeflow and snack. It worked but occasionally the noise level got a little too much inside.

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