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Hi all,

Just wondering what others book corners are like?

We have a lovely early-excellence book shelf with room to display 10-12 books, front-facing. Underneath, we have 4 boxes: finding-out books, stories, books about numbers and songs and rhymes. However, I usually decide on a few books that I would like on the front-facing shelf for between 2 to 4 weeks depending on interests etc but the books are continually getting mixed up. I am also interested in using core-books but not sure how to impliment this and how to provide them:

Do you have the same books displayed for a few weeks? How do you make sure the same books are put back on the shelf or in the correct box?

Do you use core-books? If so, do you only have them displayed and other books in boxes or have a mixture of core-books and currently relevant books? Any other advice on how to impliment core-books would also be helpful - do you read a different one everyday? Do you focus on a different one each week? Do they link in with themes etc?


Green Hippo x

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I have no idea about core books so I can't help you there. However, if you want to keep your books separate what about using small stickers on the side? I'm thinking of the sort schools use when the colour band reading books which are small but visible and don't come off easily. You could have a different colour for each set of books and the colour could be on the front of the box they belong in. Good for sorting and matching skills as well when they get tidied away!

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We usually have 10-12 books displayed on the front facing shelving unit. I photocopy the front of the book, laminate it and stick that on the shelf so the children know where to put the book back. I tend to choose these books at the moment as I'm trying to develop a set of 'core' books say 50, which will rotate depending on seasons... interests, etc. We also have a basket of assorted books chosen to reflect themes/interests. These are intermingled with the books we get termly from the library book ahead scheme.

Whilst the shelf books and the basket books are the most easily accessed... we also have children attempting to wriggle them out of the jam packed shelf under the open shelf unit.... why? because they really don't know what they've pulled out until they have succeeded!


We also have a library trolley with about 40 books that are rotated termly. These are for children to borrow and take home. We have lost a couple over the years... but i like to trawl charity shops for books to replace them with.


We also have books in other areas... we have a box of books in the outdoor area... and last week our home corner was a 'bedroom' so we also had a basket of books in there too.


I'd love to have the main stock 'sorted' and another shelf to store them on...but the lack of space and the knowledge that i'll only lose it if they are messed up...has prevented me so far.

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Thanks for the help so far!

StrawberyTwirl - the information I have about core books suggests having around 12 books which the children get to know very well throughout the year and should be read regularly to the children. It also suggests making resources to go with the books for the children to access (for 1 book at a time). I love the idea but have only limited information in a book so have never actually had an 'expert' explain to me how to impliment them in practice. The book suggests that these core books may be the on display all year but I'm a bit uncertain about not promoting any other books e.g. from children's interests. Or, should/could themed/seasonal etc books be on a theme table/area or in the appropriate area of provision??

As always, I have so many questions and find it so difficult to make a decision which I think is going to be the 'right' way! Does anyone else have this problem? I seem to decide on something then come up with all the ways that it won't work or be right. Arrrrg!

Thanks, any further help on core books or book corner ideas???

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