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I have been asked to conduct a short staff training session reviewing the EYFS and what it means to them. The training session has arisen due to some observations and planning not linking to the development matters appropriately. We are concerned that staff are not really thinking about the statements and their meaning and are just slotting children in to tick another one off.


In order to conduct a successful training session, I would appreciate some advice on how best to approach this without sounding like I am pointing the finger at anyone in particular. We have recently taken on new staff which I want to make sure are using the EYFS in the interests of the children and not picking up on other staffs complacency.


I would be really interested in others advice and comments on this matter


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I have just done the same! When I compiled data at the end of the year I had a real divide as if all the higher achieving children were with one half of the staff and the less able with the rest - not likely!


Having new staff is an ideal opportunity to make sure everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet. I told them what I said up there - that there was clearly an inconsistency in the way we were assessing the children. I looked for a video to use but it was taking too long so I actually videoed one of the pre-school children for 10 minutes and got everybody to watch it nad write a narrative obs then we discussed what we had all seen (some saw things that others didn't) and how it fitted - or didn't - to Development Matters


We are also going to have a proper discussion each staff meeting about one or two statements and what learning looks like for them. There are a few that confuse staff and some will just tick it off for a vague observation while others won't tick it off at all as they are not sure.


I am also going to do moderation observations this year so hopefully this will keep them focussed knowing I'll be checking up on them more :o

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There are also some videos of children you can use from QCDA. I don't think you can order them anymore but you should be able to get them online and use them. I found that using video of children the staff didn't know was helpful in getting them to think more carefully about what they were observing. Some of the videos have a clip with, and then the same clip without, voice over, so you can run the first clip and ask staff to make observations on it, share them together and then watch again with the voice over.


edited to say: if you Google "QCDA foundation stage video" you should find them.

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