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Hello all! I am in need of some fresh ideas for my Investigation area for my Reception class and I'm hoping all of you lovely lot will inspire me :)


It doesn't have to be topic related so anything that will allow the children to explore independently during 'choosing time' and I will be able to observe for profile evidence.


So far we have had...

- mini board/ramps and things to roll and slide

- electric circuit, batteries, bulbs, switches etc for children to try and put together

- plastic squash bottles filled with oil, water and food colouring and multi sensory plastic discs with water and shapes inside


This week it's floating and sinking with the tub filled with water and different things to experiment with.


For after half term I'm open to any ideas. Anything multi sensory would be good that requires as little teacher input as possible. I know there's something gloopy that can be made out of corn flour and water?


Any ideas muchly appreciated :D Lauren x

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Just off the top of my head..... :o


How about different scented playdough ie vanilla, lavender, coco powder?


Or we recently did a topic about dinosaurs and made some letter fossils from salt dough! The children pressed a magnetic letter into the dough then once cooked we put them in the sand and they had to 'excavate' them with brushes and magnifying glasses! They then matched them on laminated cards to the correct letters!!

You could extend it for the older children by finding the letters to spell simple words??

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