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Im having an interview next week with a class of 30 reception cdn.

It has to last 15 mins long and must be literacy based with some link to phonics.

Any suggestions would be gratedful as really worrying now!

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You could maybe use a book and then carry out an activity which involved sound talking/blending!! Or model writing on the board with help from the children, they could come and write the letter they hear or tell you what to write.

Erm you could even set up a letter/parcel that you open with some instructions in it and a letter needs to be written back, the obvious which people have used before in general lessons is an alien visiting - they write to the school asking permission to land, chn write back and if you are there all day you could set the alien up somewhere to avoid disappointment. Or a simpler version with a toy to visit.

Or a treasure hunt where a clue is read and the chn work out where the next clue is. Chn to have a go at reading clues in pairs!!

I am sorry but I have got rather extravagant lol!!



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Perhaps you should contact the school to ask where the children are in their phonics development- some may still be phase 1 as there are some very young children in reception now due to change to 1 entry in some areas.


Once you have that information you will be able to plan with a clearer idea of your learning intentions


Hope that helps

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Thank you for the ideas they are great!

I`ve phoned school to see where they are in their phonics. So it`s easier now I know they`re upto the letter sound n.

I`d better get planning!!!

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