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15min Activity Idea

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On Monday I have to do a 15min activity with 5-6 nursery children it can be about anything went on school website and saw that they were doing ourselves as a topic. Any help greatly appreciated as am really stuck and am panicking a little now. I was thinking of doing a my family acitivity where I read a story about a family(book ideas welcome please) and then I talk about their families with the children and then they can draw a picture of their family. Have made mistakes in the past where activities are too complicated want to keep it simple and effective help would be greatly appreciated and needed

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I am not sure whether I would get nursery chn to draw a picture in a short 15 min activity as you could hit a lot of barriers and they may find the task difficult. Have they given you any guidelines?

I would always suggest a book but maybe don't rely on the topic they are currently doing as they may have had the book or the activity already. Maybe tell the chn you know they have been learning about themselves and wanted them to know a little about you so you brought along your favourite book. This way you are showing the interviewers you have done your homework without it collapsing!! Just a thought?!



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If you are happy to have the children laughing at you bring in some baby pictures or pictures of you as a small child (about the same age as them) and ask them who they think the little girl is? Maybe talk about a favourite childhood memory of yours and then ask them for one of theirs.


You became a teacher when you grew up, ask them what they would like to be when they grow up.


Hope it goes well :o

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