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I have a lesson observation on Thursday with my own class for a potential new job. I have 30 FS1 children and have been told i need to do a CLL lesson but not phonics. As next week is our book week i was going to do the Gingerbread Man as it's so reliable. Ihave searched n here for it and there are loads of wonderful ideas. However, seeing as though all of the children have only been in a couple of weeks they're realy not that capable of much (ok some are) but some are still finding the daily routine quite difficult to follow!!


Any superb ideas for new FS1? Was going to do whole group of the story, using props etc, then move onto a focus activity so it's the focus activity i need support with.


Thanks for reading!!

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do you have time to make a gingerbread man and then use the (simplified with pictures) recipe for sequencing? Introduce first, then, next, after etc.

Not sure if this is too hard for them but I noticed no-one had replied so I wanted to try to help

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