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Hello ladies!


I'm after a few ideas, or a bit of advice.


I'm in reception, and have always been blessed with a rather large classroom. However, as our role rises, I'm set to lose half my room to make way for a new classroom. Fort the time being, I now have a very small room, with 30 kids and two with very challenging behaviour.


I inherited a lot of furniture, which I'm hoping to stash somewhere.... :-p


However, I was wondering whether people had any great ideas in terms of setting up as many areas as possible in such a small space. I will be fully carpeted, so sand, water, and creative will be very messy!


Any advice would be gratefully received xxxx

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I know you said you inherited furniture - we use storage furniture as area dividers. We use shelving units with boxes on each side eg craft stuff on the side of the craft area and building stuff on the side of the construction area (if that makes sense). That way you save space by having one unit instead of two. Are any of your units suitable?

Water and sand play doesn't need to be in big trays - food trays or old drawers will do with limited space.

An easel is better than a table for mark making - it also help with large motor movements.

Alterntaively - don't have a specific mark making and maths area - incorporate it into other areas eg clipboards in the home corner for writing shopping lists

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