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I know this has come up as a thread a number of times but I was wondering if anyone would share how they show in their planning that they are catering for individual needs. I was going to attempt doing individual plans which are proving successful for some on here and look brill but I'm already drowning under all the paper work and I just don't know if it is really manageable without giving up all my family time??

We have previously carried out a long observation on each child per half term and then followed this up the following week with an activity/enhancement/adult support etc to support their next steps. However, this did not provide a individual next step for each child in each area of learning, so I'm wondering if we need to do something more.

Any ideas?

Thanks Green Hippo x

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We plan for individual children using the Individual plan format from the EYFS CD rom, keyworkers fill this with ideas based on the childrens current interests. Each keyworker has approx 10 keychildren and each week, on a rolling rota, we plan 3 of their key childrens activities into the weekly plan, as each individual plan has a minimum of 6 activities this plan can last a term or until interests change/develop. These activities are written in a different colour for each keygroup and has the child intials included so that we know exactly which child interest we are following during that activity. The rest of the continous provision has a focus on one area of learning and development and is all subject to daily change as spontaneous events/interests occur. Not sure if this helps but it is a matter of trial and error and developing what works for your team

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We do individual plans every term for each child and each keyerson keeps their childs plan on their clipboard and plays and supports the child during the session extending learning etc. Twice during the 12 weeks the child has a focus week where we plan activities, additions to provision etc to support his learning.


We have just had ofsted and they said we need to show how and what we are planning for each child each session so that all the staff can see and not just the keyperson


Im struggling with this as we have a planning board in 1 room and 3 rooms that the children can access, I might plan to put something out for little billy and he might not want to go in that room!


We have an enhancement sheet for the week set out like below

Workshop Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri

Sand area Pipes and funnels


Home corner




we write as you can see what we are adding for that child, and the childs name in brackets we dont necessary say why, do you think we should or does anyone have any other suggestions or ways that work?

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we have 3 rooms and the plans are only in 1 of those rooms but we find the children quickly catch onto doing activities in their keygroups (even though the activity might only be planned for Billys individual interest) We have removable coloured boards velcroed(?) on the wall with photos of the children who are in that key group on it and the red keyworker would take this board to Billy and ask if all the red group childen would like to come and do the activity, usually they are excited about their group having an activity and all go to it (including Billy for whom it has been arranged plus some yellows and green group children as well). We introduce these colour key groups at self registration and find them useful to use at pack away time e.g. can all the green group pack away the bricks. The plans are colour coded as well and all staff look at them before the children arrive so that they are aware of the learning taking place in the setting on any one day and where colleagues might need support or extra resources

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Thanks for all your replies. It is individual plan from the EYFS that I was intending to use but the thought of possibly planning 18 seperate things on top of focused activities for the general learning of the whole class is filling me with dread - even MORE time spent planning. I don't know whether to give it a go or possibly to try to have each key person work with 1 child a day over a 2 week period (we have 10 each) in one of their areas of learning, filling in their individual plans as we go along. So over a term each child would have had 6 individual things planned for them - based on their needs from short and long observations? But is that also going to end up being a massive amount of work on top?? I was thinking that this would help us to take the learning to the child whereever they are playing at the time (unless the next step is to encourage them to play elsewhere of course!) so would require a huge change of resources etc.

Ahhhhhh! I don't know what the best thing is to do. My TAs are already getting confused over what we are doing!

Thanks - keep coming with the ideas!!

Green Hippo x

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We were advised to spit the children over weeks over the term.

ie weeks 1/5 - 2/6 - 3/7 and Weeks 4/8

So we have 5 children who are picked up for focus activties/ keyperson time during week 1 and the same childresn focused on again in week 5- then another group of children in week 2 and 6 etc make sense?


this seems to be working for us at the moment!

The bit as Ive said previously that we get stuck on is if your focusing on these children and trying to follow interets of the others and trying to introdcue new skills it becomes a bit too much!!!

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